Singapore StrengthsFinder coach Jason Ho on self-discovery, self-awareness followed by self-actualization


 #Singapore #StrengthsFinder #CoachJasonHo #quote on self-discovery, self-awareness follow by self-actualization (all sounds very self-ish, but let me explain)

Self-discovery is defined by Cambridge as "the process of learning about yourself and your beliefs" and by Oxford as "The process of acquiring insight into one's own character". Both emphasie on the process of learning.

When I give StrengthsFinder training or coaching to participants in their late 50s or 60s, I get pleasantly surprised whenever I hear them say "I never knew that was called a talent".

Some are aware acutely aware of their strengths while others might be totally in the dark about it.

The great thing about how I use StrengthsFinder in my role as a coach is that its pleasantly versatile.

Wherever you are on your self-discovery journey, whether you are snorkling on the coral reef of your last week's successes, or diving deep into the abyss of your core character, you can be surprised when you receive your top 5 StrengthsFinder results.

Another I would put it: "Our search for inner talent is like exploring the deep sea. We are surprised by the very wonders that have been there for ages"

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring.

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