#StrengthsFinder #Developer at #Singapore #NightFestival 

If people were liken to incomplete buildings that are a work-in-progress, Developers would totally enjoy being part of that journey.

Kind of like these little Eskimos that were “building” the wall of the National Museum.

They really look like they are having fun! In many ways Developers do derive a huge amount of purpose and fulfillment in building people’s “buildings”. They have a genuine care and concern for the growth of people around them. And once they see a little progress, they can’t wait to give encouragement to motivate others up another notch.

Like how the definition of StrengthsFinder Developer puts it: People exceptionally talented in the Developer StrengthsFinder theme recognize and cultivate the potential in others. They spot the signs of each small improvement and derive satisfaction from evidence of progress.

I have been on the nurturing end of Developers before and I must say that they have a unique patience towards growth that is quite enchanting.

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Jason Ho StrengthsFinder Coach Strengths School™ Singapore