The Definitive Guide to busting #StrengthsFinder #Myths from #Singapore and around the world


Having consulted for numerous leaders and conducting workshops for thousands of participants, there are some recurring misconceptions about StrengthsFinder that I would like to address. I have come up with a comprehensive resource to help anyone who is on this strengths journey - StrengthsFinder MythBusters: The Definitive Guide

When I tried searching for any resource available when it came to mythbusting, I found pocket here and there but nothing comprehensive enough for me. So I decided to do what any die-hard StrengthsFinder coach would do... come up with what I feel is the most comprehensive guide (to date) in understanding the myths there are about the StrengthsFinder paradigm

You would have probably heard a few people say things like "Oh StrengthsFinder is all about focusing on strengths and ignoring weaknesses". Or things like - I don't have those leadership strengths, that's why I can't lead

If you are one of those people who might have thought those statements to be true, I invite you to dive into 12 myths about StrengthsFinder that need busting. You can find the guide over at


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Jason Ho • SouthEast Asia & Singapore's 1st StrengthsFinder Certified Coach • Strengths School™ Singapore