StrengthsFinder Coaching

This really helped me understand myself and my team better
— Anita gupta • dhl • head of Asia Pacific, eastern europe, middle east
Thanks Jason! Strengths finder coaching with you has helped me to progress immensely! It helped me to rediscover my strengths and leverage on my strengths for higher productivity and efficiency.

Understanding oneself is one of the most valuable and underrated process that many have overlooked. Thank you once again, looking forward to following up with you :)
— Yeo Chin Wei • Branch Manager • Finexis Advisory
I have had many blind spots along this journey through my career that stemmed from the belief that I needed to always be improving my weaknesses. Jason’s ability to hold up a mirror and coax strengthsfinder talents from my own experiences really provided me not just with a paradigm shift in viewing issues, but gave me the confidence to approach them in the most advantageous and energizing way.
— Joel Lim • Management Associate • Les Amis Restaurant Group
Created awareness on other parts of personality & characteristics and useful exercises on leading teams
— Julinda | DHL Director
Like everyone else, I was asked to do the Gallup strengthsfinder test before meeting up with Jason. To be honest, I was pretty skeptical about these types of character evaluation tests. I am sure that most of you out there who have been for interviews, would have definitely taken a test or two which they would call a ‘personality test’ and they would personally explain to you the results regarding your personality and suitability for certain aspects of life-style habits.

My expectations for the StrengthsFinder coaching session was somewhat similar to what I have gone through previously. However, the meetings with Jason was different. He would draw from my life experiences to relate to my strengths, explained to me how I felt during these life experiences and how I could further hone my strengths to use it to my advantage in my future endeavors. After the session, I felt empowered through getting affirmation of my strengths which helped me have a clearer identity of myself.

Personally, I feel that it is crucial to know more about yourself in order to know how we incorporate our strengths into our daily lives and possibly make us a better person.

Lastly, I would highly recommend Jason’s StrengthsFinder Coaching to my friends and family because it really helps us to identify our strengths and would really help us in decisions we make when we know ourselves better.
— jared chong • uob • banker